We started to research the idea of this ‘Cool-Top’ product two years ago.

Since then development work has been continuous and demonstration units have been made.

We are convinced that the concept of a permanent hard surface deck for many vehicles is part of the future for roof bars and so we are getting on with our preparations at full speed.

Now we are at the point when we are ready to tell the world about what we are doing…this is going to be a fascinating period for us during these few months as we conduct our encounters with potential users.

Our Roadster conversion for the Citroen 2CV is another project that is most dear to us…it should be on another website but for now please just refer to the right hand side of our headings, many thanks.

If you would like to make comments regarding our ideas, please do so, we are most keen to hear your views.

I, for one, will be most interested to hear from you!

Andrew Gardner,

Director, Drewgard Limited