This page is updated regularly to give news of recent developments regarding Drewgard Auto.

If you are looking for Citroen 2CV and Dyane parts, see our used A series parts page…

The Drewgard Roadster.

This is a 2CV based open sports car kit that we make. It is receiving newly styled detail exterior aluminium body panels at the moment and when they are completed we shall of course put up images of the result.

The chassis, using all 2CV components, retains the original parts and layout but modifies them to give a widened track, lowered and stiffened suspension with anti-roll bar as was used on the Citroen Ami. There are new options, such as a replacement aluminium chassis frame saving some 20Kg, a mid engine layout and EV conversion to add to those of kingpin to ball joint front swivel hub and track rod end sealed ball joint conversion. Further options are an engine fast road cam, 652cc big bore barrel and 9.1 compression pistons, free flow exhaust manifold with side winder stainless exhaust, 123 electronic ignition. We hope this new body design will make the 2019 Kit Car show at Stoneleigh. Three cars are currently in process, one of which will have a very dramatic polished aluminium surface finish.

The Drewgard Coupe.This is a Ford Puma adapted body cabin on a space frame chassis featuring Jaguar XJS or TVR suspension, powered by the 5.3 litre all aluminium LM7 Chevrolet V8 . This project is waiting for the bodyshell to be prepared before assembly of the prototype takes place.