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       Perspective representation of the Drewgard 'Cool-Top' with rear ladder roller option.

      Perspective representation of the Drewgard 'Cool-Top' with rear ladder roller option.

              The Drewgard® ‘Cool-Top’® is coming.. VERY SOON!!!                    Introductory price, delivered to UK mainland £850

  Pay a deposit of £100 to secure your place in the production run!

We are in the process of preparing for production our EUIPO* registered design, the 'Cool-Top'... a completely new, uniquely quiet, aerodynamic and stylish all aluminium alternative to trade van ladder bar sets.

This shallow profile and extremely light foam insulated roof cover will carry your ladders and boxes, easily secured to lashing eyes that lift up when in use, strategically placed at intervals around the newly created floor surface measuring 1.25m x 2m. This area, fitted with anti-slip surfaces, may also be used to act as a staging platform or elevated view point, as well as being insulated, helping to moderate the effect of wind noise generated by ladders and also the more extreme temperatures of summer or winter that can affect the inside of the vehicle.

This first kit, suitable for the Ford Transit 2013 on, L1 or L2 i.e. short or long wheelbase, comes in a box measuring 2.0m x 600mm x 150mm, the contents ready to assemble, with comprehensive and easy to understand instructions to help you get it fitted.

It comprises the sub frame parts that bolt to the van's roof fixing positions and the covering itself, made of of two side and one centre panel, front and rear fairings, all foam insulated on the inside. All fixings, connectors and instructions are included to help you to completely assemble the Cool-Top.
You well may decide that you require our ladder roller option incorporated in the rear fairing, or have us spray the bare aluminium exterior to match your vehicle...or ask us, or our agents to fit the kit for you.

'Cool-Top 'and' Drewgard' are registered trade marks, the product shown  above is a EUIPO* Registered Design.

* European Union Intellectual Property Office

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