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"This car has been issued with a new registration document without an IVA inspection, as it is deemed a body conversion to an existing 2CV"

Chassis conversion kit from £2,191, but you can purchase each part separately as you go along if you want to spread the cost. Please just get in touch to discuss this with Andrew Gardner.

" And it will take BMW power too, of course! "

We do hope that you like this, our new body conversion on the Citroen A-series chassis evoking the sporting road/race cars of the late 1950’s and early1960’s, the ‘Drewgard Roadster.’

There are many of us who understand and enjoy the unique simplicity and subtlety of Citroen’s masterpiece, culminating in the 2CV6 of the late 1980’s. It might also be that you are looking for a new and inspirational project, or that you have subconsciously been expecting to hear about this new kit for a long time!

Here's a year old image of the prototype before preparation began for the production body to be created. The MK 2design, incorporating several improvements to the style, features some detail developments that include circular rear light clusters, faired and recessed front engine hot air vents, a shallower front grille area and a developed facia and instrument housing.

With its widened track, front and rear anti-roll bars and lowered suspension with uprated springs, the front suspension arms converted to our unique sealed ball joint swivel hub that eliminates the need for periodic king pin replacement® and sealed ball joint track rod end units®, you will experience an extremely reduced maintenance regime. Couple this with a comfortable driving position also suited to taller people (as well as the rest of us!), a large boot and cabin area, this car delivers a very satisfying and agile sporting experience.

This prototype has been built on an existing SORN registered 2CV and completed in 2016.

Given current legislation, this conversion should always qualify to have an age related plate, as it scores the number of points needed from the use of the chassis, suspension, steering and power train parts. Indeed it is much hoped that any Drewgard Roadster that matches this one, built only from original equipment Citroen parts, but without a registration document, will not need an Individual Vehicle Assessment.

Should you wish to start a build project now, we are ready to prepare and supply chassis kit parts on an individual component basis. We shall be loading our shop page on this site with the relevant stock, but for now please write or call.

Even if you do not happen to have any 2CV parts for conversion at all yourself, we can supply you with these as well.

Although the last 2CV was made over 25 years ago, such is the enthusiasm for the marque, new and used components are still available and are bound to be for some long time into the future.

Lists of parts required and the build stages have now been drawn up, so please do get in touch, we would welcome the opportunity to consider with you, your personal plan to create a Drewgard Roadster!




The body design is registered at the Intellectual Property Office UK

Please read the BLOG page to learn about driving this new car out on the open road...



Email info@drewgard.co.uk