We have used parts 2CV from 1980-90 and late Dyane available shown below.

Please note that we do not have any BODY PANELS, what we do have mostly revolves around steering, suspension and engines.



Steering pivot lever LH & RH, steering rack, track rod, track rod end ball joint housing, track adjustment tubes and clamps, swivel hub locking tab and bolt fixings, steering column 2CVand Dyane, 2CV steering wheel hard type, steering column clamp with securing bolt and lock nut, 2CV steering column sleeve. Dyane steering column/sleeve


Suspension cylinder, cylinder mounting tube, mounting tube nut, cylinder rubber/circular flange, pull rod gaiter, pull rod eye, arm bearing, arm LH/ RH front /rear, swivel hub, wheel bearing, shock absorber mounting bolt, front shock absorber mounting flange, front and rear axle, front and rear axle mounting bolts and locking tabs, rear axle spacer, front and rear shock absorber.


Exhaust clamps, heat shroud for hand brake cable, torpedo silencer suspension rubber, torpedo silencer securing clip, tail pipe suspension tab and clamp. Tail pipe, intermediate or 'swan neck' pipe.


Gearbox, gearbox selector lever, lower clamp/nut/ bolt rubber cover,upper link, rubber bushes, gear lever through bulkhead, gear lever knob, gear box rear rubber mounting, gearbox rear mounting bolts, spacers, washers. Bell housing to engine nuts, clutch diaphragm pressure plate, driven plate, release bearing fork, return spring. gearbox output bearing/flange, inner driveshaft, middle gaiter, outer driveshaft, hub nut, wheel drive plate, wheel nut, clutch cable.


Plastic petrol tank, plastic mounting spacers/ washers, metal washers, fixing bolts, earthing wire, flexible fuel pipe (new), twin choke carburetter and carb spacer, throttle cable bracket, inlet exhaust manifold, air filter box, filter cage, lid, supports. Dyane rubber pipe air box to carb, air box to front engine cowling. Fuel pump, fuel pump spacer, throttle cable, choke cable, exhaust tail pipe, exhaust intermediate pipe


Brake disc, caliper, front pad retaining wire clip, mounting bolts, spacer, washer, front brake pads, hand brake pads, hand brake adjusting lever, eccentric, bolt, washer, return spring, hand brake cable short/long, chassis hand brake actuating lever, hand brake lever flat strip connector, hand brake pull lever, hand brake ratchet unit. Rear brake wheel cylinder, return spring/lock tab, brake shoes(new), joggle pin/ spring/cover, rear coiled brake pipe LH/RH, front to back brake pipe (new), ditto used, master cylinder reservoir, master cylinder to caliper brake pipe, caliper to caliper brake pipe.


Crankcase, crankshaft, oil pump, housing and cover, camshaft, cam followers, push rod, points box, piston and barrel, LH/RH cylinder heads, long studs, manifold, dipstick, engine cowling, tin ware, stone guard, engine mounting bracket, rubber mounting, flywheel, oil filler neck, alternator mounting bracket, fuel pump activating rod,  push rods, valves and valve gear, rocker cover, rocker cover nut.


Regulator, headlamp fly leads, front wiring loom, front to back loom, LH/RH rear lights, lighting switch, indicator switch, dashboard switches, warning light holders, windscreen wiper rack


Speedometer Special and Charleston


Rubber cable ties, 180,140, 100,60,30mm, M12, M9, M7 M5 bolts nuts washers, studs, countersunk head, panel securing bolts, spire clips, headlamp adjuster rod to wing cable tie, all foam grommets, floor and boot blanking plugs


Rear wing to body ali strip, front of rear wing to body plastic strip, sill ali clip-on trim strip.

NB this list shows the general areas of available stock, though sadly there’s no guarantee we have everything listed here… many late 2CV and late Dyane smaller parts available.

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