Here at DREWGARD, we are working hard getting ready to present our new exciting and unique ‘Cool-Top’ vehicle walk on roof deck, primarily intended for medium panel van 'Business or Pleasure' use...if you ever wondered what the future of ladder bars might be, the answer will be right here! A production ready unit will be fitted and illustrated below within six weeks from now (mid May 2019).

We are currently seeking agents to sell and fit this new product on our behalf, locally to where you are and invite interested parties to get in touch with us, where ever you may be. There is much to tell and we look forward to explaining how you can successfully and profitably add the Cool-Top to your range of services.

The line drawing below certainly shows the general arrangement of deck surface, side panels and end fairings and the optional ladder roller.

This is a registered design image subject to copyright

This is a registered design image subject to copyright

Now is the time to discover a whole new raft of possibilities with this completely new concept of ‘load carrying in exceptional style’.

Featuring a very low profile, insulated, streamlined load bearing aluminium framed roof covering and weighing no more than some conventional ladder bars, this deck runs very quietly and economically. Because of the excellent roof insulation, the vehicle interior will stay cooler in summer, warmer in winter and will help to make it much quieter inside at all times. This close fitting deck can be removed from one vehicle to another without any evidence left behind, but can also be fitted very securely against theft.

Bonded to a sturdy sub-frame and bolted to the existing dedicated mounting points on the vehicles roof, not only can you walk around on its 2.5 square metres of deck area, but you can use its anti-slip surface as a staging or vantage point, as well as for tying down everyday loads by using any of the twenty five double bolt fixing and/ or ring bolt stations ranged across the deck surface. To access the deck from either side, we provide an extending light weight ladder and for stability of the vehicle when the deck is in use, scissor jacks to stabilize the vehicle underneath and and guard rail components surrounding the deck area are both included.

Here are some suggested OPTIONS available

Colour match/tint/wrap outer panels to your reference

Polish and clear coat the aluminium outer panels visible from the ground

Graphic signs to your requirement on the side panels (this will avoid sign writing on the vehicle itself if desired) or on panels fixed to the hand rail

Double thickness insulation

Rear ladder loading roller unit including two ladder clamps

Integrated12v solar panel battery charger in front fairing

Spotlights on front or rear, marker lights on front rear or centre of outer side panels

The Cool-Top design easily adapts to most makes of late vehicle. Please do contact us to discuss purchasing a DREWGARD Cool-Top. Make no mistake - here is some deluxe kit; lovingly created.

This Cool-Top is ‘Super-cool’ indeed...put yourself way ahead of the curve...and stay there!

We much look forward to hearing from you to discuss your individual requirements… please do contact us without delay!

Drewgard and Cool-Top are registered trade marks. All Drewgard designs are registered at the Intellectual Property Office UK and EUIPO. Drewgard Limited believe that specifications are correct at time of publication, but reserve the right to change or modify the designs at any time.

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